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How To Wash?

We all know the first thing everybody wonders when they start contemplating cloth diapers OR if you tell them that you use cloth diapers is “What to do with the poop?”. It’s simply expected that this would be one of the first concerns about cloth diapers.

So first off~ to store dirty, used cloth diapers until washing we recommend having a bucket and filling 2/3 of the way full with warm water and a few teaspoons of your chosen laundry detergent. This can sit up to two days and then a wash is recommended. Diapers/inserts with pee simply drop into the bucket; with poop diapers/inserts need to be completely free of poop before putting into the bucket. Hold the diaper by the back elastic (never touching any waste) and with a diaper sprayer spray the poop off and into the toilet. It’s that simple! If there’s any poo stains spray with a laundry stain remover, like Spray n Wash”. Then, drop into bucket. Once a bucket seems full sit it next to the washer and use a new bucket.

When you’re ready to wash a load of diapers put on rubber cleaning gloves. Take each bucket and pour water into toilet. Next, re-fill water over diapers and pour out again. Then, put diapers into washing machine. Then, start your wash on regular, medium heat, high spin. No special laundry soaps are required~ Sam’s Choice, Tide, Dreft, All “Free and Clear”… are great choices. Just avoid any laundry soaps with added fabric softeners. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets cannot be used; they interfere with the fabrics absorption.

We get asked a lot if stripping is necessary? Stripping isn’t needed at all. There shouldn’t be stains if all stool is sprayed with a stain remover as previously stated. Another common question is bleach? If you add bleach it is ok? Bleach does kill viruses and bacteria. When used on a load of cloth diapers only a teaspoon of concentrated or a quarter of a tablet would be necessary. It doesn’t take much; a little goes a long way.

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