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Diapering 101: Newborn to Potty-Training – Super-comfy. Super-lovable. Super-dry.

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U.S. ORDERS: $10 Any-Size (3-7 days)
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: $20 Any-Size (3-8 days)

Diapering 101: Newborn to Potty-Training

There’s different types of cloth diapers?? A very common question we get is “which one”? It’s really what works best for you. They all do the same thing!

New to cloth diapering? Wondering which cloth diapers to buy? It’s important to find ones that best fit your family’s needs. Most enjoy having a few types that fit their changing needs, for example: when they are at home, or out-and-about, or at daycare. We only sell One-Size Diapers that are fully adjustable, that snap up and down on the front to fit birth to potty-training. Here’s the breakdown on cloth diaper types:

A pocket diaper is made up of a waterproof cover that has a fabric lining that acts as a pocket between the lining and the cover. Pocket Diapers, differ only in the soft lining touching your baby’s bum. Then, you can fully customize for your growing baby with any type of insert, the absorbent pad.  We have hemp, bamboo, charcoal bamboo, microfleece, and a new bamboo velour (soon to come!). The best part is there’s only ONE diaper to buy from birth to potty training.

Pocket Style Cloth Diaper

Covers are simply the waterproof cover, fully adjustable ONE diaper fits birth to potty training. You mix and match and add any type washable cloth inserts or our easy, eco-disposable inserts. These Covers are also called a Hybrid diaper since it can be used both as a regular cloth diaper with cloth inserts, or it can be used with disposable inserts to create a premium disposable diaper. With these, unless they poop, just take out the dirty disposable insert or cloth insert then slide in the new one and GO! Only change the cover if they poo. Either hand-wash covers or machine wash and hang to dry. Covers air dry in less than 30 minutes. There’s no need to use a dryer.

Our disposable inserts are made with bamboo, a renewable earth-friendly material. When would simpler be calling? Certain situations may call for a simpler diaper with less washing like: a toddler running around with a new baby, a child in daycare or with a sitter for the evening, or going on a trip. Let’s look at a trip for 7 days by plane. One could fill their diaper bag with just 8 covers and 70 disposable inserts (to give lots of cushioning and not run out of diapers)! The cost is about $30!

So another very common question we get is “how many and what types best”? Do what works best for you. The end result is they are all diapers. Most families do like to mix and match. Here’s an example: For a full-time cloth diaper wearer it could look like this to have enough diapers birth to potty training: 10 One Size Pocket Diapers (5 Hemp One Size Pocket and 5 Charcoal Bamboo One Size Pocket, 10 One Size Covers, 10 cloth hemp inserts, 10 Bamboo cloth inserts. The cost is about $330. The upfront cost is high but there’s barely any cost later except for detergent, a wash every few days, maybe some liners, and the disposable inserts for on-the-go. A package of disposable diapers is already 200 diapers at $40! That’ll be gone in a few weeks easily. If using disposable diapers one would have already spent $330 in the first 3 months of a babies life. The savings alone is enormous. And, disposables take a big hit on the environment. At least with our disposable liners for hybrids they contain no chemicals and are completely renewable, being made with bamboo.

We don’t sell All in One’s. With All in Ones, complaints arise when more absorbency is needed at night or with a growing baby. With All-In-Ones an insert is already sewn all-in the diaper. Unfortunately, absorbency isn’t a “one-size” fits all. An 8 pound baby’s needs are much, much less than a 2 year old for the absorbency pad (that holds urine). Therefore, adding another insert over it would be necessary as the baby grows or for nighttime protection leading to a new daunting task later on. And when different brands are bought and the quality is different so is the amount of absorbency sewn in. So, we don’t take customers down this road. You can create your babies “perfect” All-in-One with Pocket Diapers by leaving your insert inside the diaper pocket, even during the wash. If you need more absorbency later on, just put a new insert in and leave it.

We want you to enjoy cloth diapering. It’s worth it to have a good set of quality cloth diapers and inserts. It’s great picking out all the adorable prints and pinks or blues you want to see on your little one. It’s fabulous knowing they’re so comfy. It’s so fun as your little one gets bigger and picks out their favorite color or print. Diapering is meant to be fun and memorable! So we try to keep it simple and easy for you.

We also talk cloth diaper sizes using disposable diaper sizes so you can understand how cloth diapers work. Our diapers fit from Newborn to Size 5! We also don’t sell sized diapers based on size due to our customers’ choice. We just don’t have customers wanting sized diapers. They are more of an older version; with One-Size adjustable snaps being very modern and simpler. It doesn’t make sense to buy cloth diapers over and over. Let’s face it. An average baby goes from Newborn Size (7-10 pounds) to Size 1 (8-14 pounds) within 3 months of life. Every time you turn around you’ll have the hassle of re-buying and readjusting your whole routine. Skip the hassle. With “One-Size Diapers” when your little one grows adjust and re-snap the snaps to the new size. This way, you’ll have all diaper sizes including: newborn, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5… that is from birth to potty training 7-35 pounds+, in ONE diaper!

If you still have more questions to start diapering, need a demonstration, don’t understand how to wash, or just anything please don’t hesitate to email us at info@kashmirbaby.com. We can set up a time to have someone help you so you will be on your way.

One Size, Pocket Diapers
Covers and Hybrid Diapers

Cloth Baby Wipes? What are they & ways to use them!

Using Cloth Baby Wipes over disposables wipes is not only better for the environment but it is much gentler on your little ones skin. They are incredibly easy to use. Simply wash them with your normal wash and wet them with water, baby soap, or a hand made solution when you need one. We recommend making 2 of the recipes below to last about 2 weeks and store in the refrigerator. Stored in the fridge it can last up to a month.

3 Ways To Use Them:

  1. DRY WIPES- Store them dry and wet them one-by-one as needed.
  2. Use in a Wipe Warmer- For the warmer, add a little baby soap and water or a hand-made solution to your baby wipe warmer and enjoy warm baby wipes against your little ones bum. If putting them in a warmer it’s best to only put what you’ll use in a 12 hour period. Then, add more dry wipes for another 12 hour period. Empty, rinse out the inside of the warmer, and add new solution every two days. We find that making two full recipes and storing the unused portion in the fridge makes it easiest; and will last for a few weeks this way.
  3. On-the-go Wipes- Save a few baby liquid soap or other containers. While making the two-week supply of solution fill the baby soap containers with the solution too and leave in the fridge to grab for on-the-go solution to wet dry wipes as-needed. The one thing is, that after 2 days of sitting out of the fridge to get rid of the solution. Because there aren’t any preservatives or artificial ingredients, like found in disposable wipes to keep them for weeks on end, the solution obviously won’t last as long. Have you ever bought freshly made bread, for example? It goes bad much quicker. Similar deal. So we recommend 2 days tops out of the fridge!

??Can I use cloth wipes on a brand new baby??

In the early newborn days, it is recommend to use cloth rather than disposable wipes because newborn skin is so sensitive. You can use cloth wipes from day one. We have found that using water or a diluted solution like below followed by a wipe with just water is very best on delicate, newborn skin for the first few months. For the very first meconium poo’s your little one will have, the natural fibers will be gentler on skin and easier to clean off than with disposables.

Cloth diapering is really simple! In fact, it is easier than disposables once a routines down. And, with it are many benefits  including: NO disposable dirty diaper smells lingering in the trash, the enormous money savings verses disposables, saving the planet for our future generation, and being worry-free about disposables chemicals and their unknown harms.

Simple Cloth Wipe Solution Recipe

Cloth wipes are safe and gentle against your little ones bums! Use with soap and water or make a cloth wipe solution. When making a cloth wipe solution, store unused portion in refrigerator for up to a month.

Our Recipe Favorite:
WATER 10 cups

BABY WASH 2 Tbsp (Cetaphil Organic Baby Wash, Burt’s Bee Baby Wash, Johnson & Johnson, etc.)

OIL 2 Tbsp of choice (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc.). Oils help to soothe, nourish, and protect delicate skin.

OPTIONAL: Add 1-2 drops of essential oils.
– calendula oil~ guards against diaper rash
– lavender or mandarin~calming, relaxes, promotes sleep
– tea tree oil~ antimicrobial & antifungal to guard against diaper rashes & fungal infections.



Benefits, cost analysis, and more! View flyer at




Can I use Diaper Creams with cloth diapers? Yes..Yes.. You Can!!

Biodegradable 100% bamboo, fragrance Bamboo Diaper Liners can be purchased relatively inexpensive at about 100 liners for $9. Apply diaper cream when needed to your baby’s bum. Then, simply place ultra-soft diaper liner between your little one’s bum and diaper. Remove liner and toss after use. This keeps the diaper cream or ointment off your cloth diapers and inserts, which can ruin the absorbency.

We also recommend using these Bamboo Diaper Liners in the first few months of a little ones life. A newborns poop is more frequent starting with meconium and then to the frequent 5-6 stools per day. Plus, if a mom’s breastfeeding it is expected the poop is yellow and softer. So, it’s way… easier for a new mom to clean cloth diapers if the liner and stool are simply lifted out and tossed. These can be used in any washable reusable cloth diaper types.

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