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Cloth Diapering Made Easy!

We will be adding a video to show you how to cloth diaper easily as well as a video about our diapers (so be checking back!) :) Cloth diapering is really simple. In fact, it is easier than disposables. There is no more need to run to the store at night when you run out of diapers or to have the smell of dirty diapers lingering in your trash anymore. 
How to Make a Cloth Wipe solution: 
Purchase or make an all natural cloth wipe solution & put it in a spray bottle for on-the-go & along with your cloth wipes in wipe warmers. 
Our recipe favorites are:
# 1  10 cups water, 1.5 Tbsp baby wash, 2 tsp sweet almond oil  
#2  Great for rashes! Follow #1 above plus add: 1 tsp of 
~calendula oil (heals irritated skin & is an antiseptic) &           
~lavender oil (antimicrobial & antibacterial, heals skin)   
Mix solution in a container (store unused portion in fridge). Essential oils can be bought online & in the vitamin section at stores.