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Meet Melissa~

Melissa Gerke-Wojtanowski is the founder of Kashmir Baby. She is a mother of two and also a nurse. Her first son was born and suffered from a diaper rash. She tried every disposable diaper brand on the market, but her son continued to get rashes.  Eventually she tried using cloth diapers and cloth wipes. His rashes went away, and she realized how the chemicals must have irritated his delicate skin.
With sewing as a hobby from childhood, she started sewing diapers for her son and embroidering cute designs on them for fun~ cars, trucks, and airplanes. As time went on, she created an easy closure system for soiled diapers along with the first pocket insert that could be used for both cloth diapering and potty training. She has went on to create other innovative products as well.
When asked what Melissa hopes her business brings to others she stated "I want to share my improvements that make cloth diapering more modern, easy, simpler, and convenient~ to give others satisfaction knowing their little ones are safe and diapered in the very best!" 
She enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, arts and crafts, and being outdoors.